WikiLeaks and sexual politics

Much though I admire Julian Assange’s stand over Wikileaks I think he needs his friends to tell him to shut the f*** up when it comes to sexual politics.

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Thought for the Day (4): Child Benefit

For anyone so moved as to comment anywhere on child benefit, I would just like to point out that this was brought in as a benefit for women. The point of making it universal for all women (including middle class) was that men do not always give women the money.

This benefit has made a huge contribution to the change in women’s lives since it was brought in. Mothers used to queue up at the post office with their child benefit books and for a great majority of them it was the only money they had full control over.

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Thought for the Day (3): Sex obsessed, or what?

It has long been my contention that it is not only the priests of the High Religions that are obsessed with sex – it is also God himself. I first came to this conclusion watching a series about the infinite variety of life on Earth by the wonderful David Attenborough.

Every creature seems to have a different way of doing it! And the smaller the creatures, the more fascinating it can be. God must have spent long arduous hours coming up with all those ideas to satisfy what can only be called an obsession. There appears to be more variety associated with sex than with any other activity in the animal world.

For example, take the Leopard Slugs, as seen in this absolutely fabulous clip:

Not much more to say, is there? Come on now, you religious guys, tell me about it…

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Thought for the Day (2) Niqabitch

I just watched this video: Niqabitches

An interesting post-modern take, bringing the choice/religious compulsion to wear the niqab together with/in juxtaposition to the choice/economic compulsion to advertise one’s sexuality.

In both cases I’d have more respect for the choice if those who made it as a “free choice” (is there such a thing?) also asserted freedom against religious and economic compulsion for those who have no choice.

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Thought for the Day (1) Religion in your face

The Archbishop of Westminster says Catholics should be more ready to make the sign of the cross and say “God bless you” to people.

A militant campaign by extremist Catholics is underway to divert people’s attention from the Pope’s cover-up of priestly child abuse by suggesting that they think more about putting religion in everyone’s face whether they want it or not.

My thoughts turn increasingly to wondering just WHY Pope Ratzinger is so determined to keep the files on paedophile priests away from the eyes of the police. Is he worried about the vast numbers of crimes that will be uncovered? Is he worried about revealing the seniority of the churchmen who have committed these crimes?

If you get “god blessed”, perhaps you might remind your blesser that god blessed the little children and then the priests abused them. Was it a set up for a voyeuristic god?

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Hello world!

Religious extremism is on the rise. The Great Religious Backlash against gay rights, women’s rights, democracy and human rights is with us. While the Chief Rabbi and the Pope scratch each other’s backs, let’s do what we can to protect ourselves and our children from the regressive and restricted world of hocus pocus in all religions.

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